Chocolate Museum Choco Story Tickets

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“Why there, hello sugar,” would be the perfect opening to anyone who enters this delicious museum, literally. Almost everyone likes chocolate and this museum gives all the delicious history of chocolate from the moment the cocoa is harvested till the cocoa is made into delicious bars, wrapped up and ready to be eaten.
You get to learn the secrets of the cacao tree and how it produces the products used to make the chocolate bars we enjoy so much.
This tour also offers you additional information by showing you videos of the processes involved in the conversion of the beans to the chocolate both manually(hand-made) and industrially(factory-made).
You think you love chocolates huh? Well, come to this museum to learn how the Azteks and Maya people loved choco so much, the cacao beans were used as their money at that time.
And to top it all, you get to end your tour with a cup of hot chocolate or a 500g bag of Origin chocolate, all depending on the ticket option you selected.
Isn’t that sweet?