Palais de la Decouverte Tickets

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Science is everywhere and in basically everything we do. Does this mean that science is not limited to museums either, Doubt it? You might love to take a tour around the Palais de la découverte, which is known as the Discovery Palace.
This museum, created by Jean Baptiste is Perrin dedicated to displaying the complexities of different scientific disciplines including unique and glorious animals like poisonous frogs, venomous snakes, hairy spiders, and so many more animals.
This museum, with all forms of life, is also a place to explore new adventures and venture into things like finding out what Faraday’s Box looks like.
This museum offers a great and exciting experience with demonstrations, workshops, and a digital audio guide to put you through all the fascinating exhibitions. Plus, you get educated in the complexities of astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, geology, and physics.
Time to get your super-nerd on, nerds are fun too.